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Founded in 2009 by Dr. Emiliano Calvo, the START CIOCC site at HM Sanchinarro Hospital was the first START site in the European Union. The START CIOCC facility enrolls roughly 275+ patients annually on more than 150 open early-phase studies, making it one of the top-enrolling centers for early-phase studies in the EU and around the globe.

Explore START Madrid - CIOCC's Clinical Trials

Phase I Clinical Trials

The START Madrid – CIOCC clinic has a dedicated treatment room that includes exam rooms, treatment chairs, infusion pumps, and local laboratory services.

  • 3 Exam rooms
  • 7 Treatment chairs

START has an on-site laboratory that can perform same day testing. This includes:

    • CBC CMP
    • PT/INR; aPTT
    • Tumor markers
    • UA with microscopy
    • Thyroid Panels
    • Select Hepatitis panels
    • Troponin T

Investigational Drug Section (IDS)

Pharmacy Equipment

  • Biological safety cabinets
  • Negative pressure clean room
  • Positive pressure anteroom
  • Secure medication storage room with continuous temperature monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical grade -20°C freezers
  • Room temperature storage shelving (20-25°C)
  • All equipment is annually inspected and calibrated


Biopsy Specimens

PK department staff are IATA shipping certified. Specimens may be shipped same day, weekly, or monthly.

Laboratory Equipment

All equipment is annually inspected and calibrated and includes the following:

  • Refrigerated / room temperature centrifuges
  • Microfuges with refrigeration/room temp.
  • -80°C / -20°C freezer with continuous temperature monitoring
  • Refrigerator
  • Room temperature storage shelving
  • Dry ice delivered twice a week

Regulatory Affairs & Data Management

The Regulatory Affairs Department ensures compliance with all regulatory and industry requirements by following FDA and GCP guidelines for every study.

  • Rapid IRB review and approval turnaround
  • Competitive start-up timelines

The dedicated Data Management team ensures clean, accurate, and timely data entry and query resolution.

  • Experience with a wide variety of electronic data capture systems (i.e., Medidata RAVE, InForm, Veeva, etc.)
  • Monitoring suites with high speed Internet access

facility Tour of START Madrid - CIOCC

facility Tour of START Madrid - CIOCC

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