Agustin Penedo, MD

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Dr. Agustin Penedo is a renowned clinical investigator affiliated with START Madrid CIOCC in Madrid, Spain. With a profound commitment to advancing medical research and improving patient outcomes, Dr. Penedo has made significant contributions to the field of clinical investigation, particularly in oncology.

Upon completing his medical training, Dr. Penedo embarked on a career dedicated to clinical investigation. His work at START Madrid has been instrumental in shaping the landscape of cancer research in Spain and beyond. Dr. Penedo has been involved in numerous clinical trials, collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to evaluate novel therapies and treatment modalities for various types of cancer.

His expertise lies in designing and implementing innovative clinical trials aimed at improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Dr. Penedo’s research interests span a wide range of areas within oncology, including immunotherapy, targeted therapies, and precision medicine. Through his meticulous approach and unwavering dedication, he has contributed valuable insights to the development of personalized treatment strategies for cancer patients.

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