Accelerate Your Early Phase Oncology Trials with The START Center

Accelerate Your Early Phase Oncology Trials with The START Center

Early Phase

Leading Innovation, Unmatched Performance

Discover how The START Center for Cancer Research sets the standard for early phase oncology services, offering unparalleled expertise, efficiency, and patient-focused care. Our commitment to accelerating the development of cutting-edge therapies is backed by a track record of success and a global presence that ensures access to diverse patient populations.


Number of Principal Investigators (PIs)

With a team of 25 highly experienced clinical investigators specializing in early phase oncology research, we provide comprehensive coverage across various cancer types.


Global Locations

Operating in 8 locations across the United States and Europe, we offer access to diverse patient populations, expanding our reach to meet the needs of sponsors and patients worldwide.


Extensive Trial Portfolio

With over 1,300 active and completed studies, our robust trial portfolio showcases our experience and ability to successfully manage a wide range of early phase oncology trials.


Patient Enrollment

Our network of sites taps into 30,000 new patients annually, ensuring timely completion of studies and reliable data generation.

Why Choose START for Early Phase Research?

Unparalleled Expertise

Our team of experienced clinical investigators and research staff are leaders in the field of early phase oncology, providing the highest level of care and support for your clinical trials.

Rapid Study Activation

Streamlined processes and efficient site activation timelines ensure quick study start-up, accelerating the development of your oncology therapies.

Robust Patient Populations

Access to a diverse and large patient population enables efficient and effective patient enrollment, ensuring timely completion of trials.

Superior Enrollment Performance

We consistently exceed benchmarks, enrolling more patients per protocol and delivering results that meet or exceed expectations.

A snapshot of commercially approved therapies we contributed to

We have been partnering with The START Center for Cancer Research for our Phase I trials, and the experience has been exceptional. Their expertise, efficiency, and commitment to patient care have exceeded our expectations. The START Center’s ability to enroll patients quickly and deliver high-quality data has been instrumental in advancing our oncology pipeline.

– Early Phase Oncology Biopharmaceutical Company

Head of Translational Research

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