The START Center for Cancer Research Takes a Major Step Forward in its Mission to Bring the Hope of Cancer Research to Communities Globally

New CEO Nick Slack selected to lead the organization in its next phase of growth

SAN ANTONIO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The START Center for Cancer Research, the world’s largest global site network of early phase oncology clinical trials, sets its sights on expanding access to breakthrough research to all communities globally. Currently running one of the largest portfolios of early phase cancer trials in the world, The START Center is regularly the first site to open and enroll patients, serving as a catalyst in the development of new cancer therapies. Alongside esteemed Principal Investigators (PIs) who serve as the backbone of START, Nick Slack, MBE, assumes the role of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, bringing a bold vision for growth, innovation, and accessibility to the forefront. Slack, a respected leader in the clinical research industry, brings nearly 20 years of experience to grow START’s mission of revolutionizing cancer clinical research.

In his new role, Slack aims to expand START’s impact and reach, ensuring that cutting-edge early phase oncology trials are accessible to patients everywhere. “The current environment for clinical trials means that there is limited access to Phase 1 clinical trials in the community setting,” said Nick Slack, MBE, Chairman and CEO of The START Center for Cancer Research. “START is needed now more than ever before. Together with our team of Principal Investigators across START’s global network, I am thrilled to shift that reality to ensure that everyone, everywhere has an opportunity to access a clinical trial that could make the difference in their treatment.”

Since its establishment in 2007, START’s clinical trial sites, led by 25 PIs, have conducted over 1,300 Phase 1 clinical trials and contributed to the development of 43 FDA/EMA-approved therapies. With a global network spanning eight locations, including START San Antonio, START Midwest, START Mountain Region, START Madrid (FJD and CIOCC), START Barcelona, START Dublin, and START Lisbon, START is at the forefront of advancing cancer research. Co-founders of The START Center for Cancer Research, Amita Patnaik, MD, FRCPC, and Kyriakos P. Papadopoulos, MD, will continue their pivotal roles as Co-directors of Clinical Research at START San Antonio.

Furthermore, the organization under Slack’s leadership will drive innovation in its preclinical division, XenoSTART. With 2,500 patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models representing over 27 tumor types and 25 new models added monthly, XenoSTART is poised to play a pivotal role in advancing translational research and facilitating the development of groundbreaking therapies.

Before joining The START Center for Cancer Research, Slack served as President of WCG Clinical, where he developed and grew relationships with industry-leading sponsors, CROs, and hospital systems. His expertise in designing and implementing solutions to accelerate clinical trial activation and promote safety for research subjects will be invaluable in advancing START’s mission.

“As pioneers in early phase oncology research, START is committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and accessibility,” Slack said. “Our vision is to ensure that every patient, regardless of geographic location, has access to cutting-edge clinical trials that could make a difference in their treatment journey.” Together with a dedicated team of researchers and clinicians, START is poised to continue its legacy of scientific excellence, strong partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and bringing hope to physicians, patients and families worldwide.

About The START Center for Cancer Research

Deeply rooted in community oncology centers globally, The START Center for Cancer Research provides access to specialized preclinical and Phase 1 clinical trials of novel anti-cancer agents. START clinical trial sites have conducted more than a thousand Phase 1 clinical trials, including for 43 therapies that were approved by the FDA. START represents the world’s largest roster of Principal Investigators (PIs) across its eight clinical trial sites. Committed to accelerating passage from trials to treatments, START delivers hope to patients, families, and physicians around the world.